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4N pure silver for center pin. The high-quality gateways of lossless signal transmission



The plugs are the gateways of signal transmission and define the quality of sound.
As the original plug of SL series, SLSC and SLSB are produced to maximum potential of cable. We employed 4N pure silver which has the highest electrical conductivity in all metals for the contact pin. SLSC/SLSB actualize transmitting high-quality and lossless sound.


Outer shell

The body and housing of SLSC/SLSB, made of brass and processed by CNC machining, are high-density and have high shielding performance compared to an existing lost-wax processed body. For its surface treatment, hard chrome plating is coated like a body of camera. The knurled pattern on the surface of SLSC enhances the handling property.

Contact pin

The contact pin is trimmed down from 4mm 4N silver round bar by precision CNC machining. It is finished by mechanical barreling and hand polishing piece by piece.。


The insulator is significant factor in enhancing the transmitting capabilities of the cable. For the purpose of lessening signal loss, we employed PTFE which provides excellent electrical isolation and low electric permittivity.


SLSC (RCA plug)

Center pin : 4N pure silver
Outer shell : Chrome plated brass
Connection method
Install O.D
max 9.0mm
4 pcs in a box
Release date