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As cable stabilizers, insulators, replacement weight for "STB-MS", the multi-use carbon pipe with ultimate possibility.

STB-CM-4(4pics)STB-CM-4 (4pieces in a box)
STB-CM-6STB-CM-6 (6pieces in a box)


Focusing attention on the acoustic property of the carbon, we at Oyaide Electric have release many audio accessories. Applying those know-how, "STB-CM" was produced as the multi-use carbon pipe which is made of 3mm thick, highly-rigid and lightweight carbon CFRP.

This simple designed pipe works as the replacement weight for the Oyaide original “STB-MS” vinyl stabilizer, the cable stabilizer for line, speaker, and power cable, and the insulator placed under your divices.

Furthermore, it has ultimate possibility as the component parts of D.I.Y item. “STB-CM” will become a part of your idea and production.


The hi-speed vibration damping by 3mm thick CFRP pipe

After Carbon fiber is multi-layered and heat-hardened, it is molded into 3mm thick CFRP pipe. The highly-rigid property of carbon quickly attenuates vibration. It also enhances resolution and S/N ratio due to the electro-magnetic shielding.

As the replacement weights for “STB-MS” vinyl stabilizer

「STB-CM」 has same dimension as the weight of 「STB-MS」 and can be replaced it. You can tune the sound character if you can change the all weights to 「STB-CM」 or change half of them. Generally speaking, the timbre would be sharper if more STB-CM is loaded.STB-HWcannot load the STB-CM because of its height.)


As the cable stabilizer and the insulator which can be placed under the devices

It also works as the cable stabilizer for cables or plugs and the insulator which can be placed under the devices.


As a cable stabilizer, multiple STB-CMs can be used for your best tuning.


When you make a power cable by yourself, you can make the original power cable with STB-CM if you put them before the plug/connector are connected. (The cable diameter must be smaller than 14mm)

4 pieces in a box (STB-CM-4) & 6 pieces in a box(STB-CM-6)

STB-CM has two lineups, STB-CM-4(4 pieces) & STB-CM-6(6 pieces)

ex1:Three-point support for 2 speakers →「STB-CM-6」
ex2:Four-point support for a CD player or an amp →「STB-CM-4」
ex3:As plug stabilizers of RCA plugs→「STB-CM-4」


Ultimate possibilities as compornents of your D.I.Y.

The usage of STB-CM is not only as a stabilizer or an insulator but also is various as a component of your D.I.Y. For example, it can be a support for circuit board or a parts holder for condensers, or be a volume knob which has better vibration damping property.


Because the principal component of STB-CM is epoxy resin which is possible to bond by regular glue, it is easy to be used as a component of the craft.



CFRP(Carbon UD + Carbon cloth)
Outer Diameter φ20、Inner Diameterφ14、Thickness 3mm、height 17mm(pipe shape)
Withstand load
Heat resistance
4 (STB-CM-4)
6 (STB-CM-6)
Release date