TUNAMI NIGO |電線・ケーブル・オーディオ・専門店 小柳出電気商会(オヤイデ、oyaide)


A multi-use TUNAMI cable for speaker & power

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Responding the expectations of customers, we introduce its speaker cable version, TUNAMI NIGO, which was altered by uninstalling the earth wire of TUNAMI and changing outer sheath color from black to ceramic white.

The short-pitch stranded PCOCC-A wire which has 5.5sq cross-section area actualizes high-power signal transmission. Its voltage endurance is 600V and maximum amperage is 30A. For noise protection, we specially developed the triple-layered shielding structure. It not only rejects internal and external noise, but also instantaneous spark noise due to vibration.

From silent background of TUNAMI NIGO, you can even sense the atmosphere of pre-performance of sound source. Since the day of our establishment in 1952, we at Oyaide Electric had opportunities to apply a number of State-of-ART technologies specific to our specialized cable store. Our products reflecting such advantages offer unmatched performance. Moreover, TUNAMI NIGO could be used as a speaker cable and achieved to increase security proved by clearing <PS>E.



PCOCC copper is a material that includes very few impurities and insures very low levels of signal disturbance. Because of its low incidence of grain boundaries, the signal passes without impediment or distortion. Heating and cooling the PCOCC wire under controlled circumstances yields a densely re-crystallized, highly pure structure called a μ conductor. The resulting product with a mirror finish applied is called PCOCC-A copper. This highly advanced product is made possible by the combined application of high technology and traditional Japanese craftsmanship.



After the deep analysis for insulator, we selected polymer polyolefin that has different degree of hardness at interior and exterior to prevent negative effect by sympathetic vibration. Moreover, this material has a quarter of permittivity compared to common PVC and we paid careful attention to strengthen the cohesiveness of its insulator and conductor in order to infill random space and maintain a high-quality signal transmission.

Triple-layered shielding

We have advocated the importance of noise protection which becomes a defining feature of power cable. Although we accomplished certain results by applying star-quad shielding structure to L/i 50 series, considering customer demands and trends, we pursued producing updated product with a state-of-art technology. For TUNAMI NIGO, we developed triple-layered shielding structure.

The first layer of this structure converts electromagnetic wave into thermal energy by interfusing electromagnetic insulator. As the second layer, semiconductor layer (carbon) is employed for its characteristic that discharges static electricity without affecting its conductor. A copper foil shielding is set as the third layer to protect the conductor from external noise. Furthermore, drain wires, closely-situated to copper foil shield, make S/N ratio higher by connecting to earth ground.

Feature & Sound

The color of its outer sheath is ceramic white which was selected with consideration of interior matching. Its 5.5sq cross-section area of the conductor has excellent vibration damping property and stable signal transmission. TUNAMI NIGO could be used as not only a speaker cable but a power cable.



Wire diameter
2P Cabtire
polymer Polyolefin
Microwave absorber mixing polymer polyolefine
Outer sheath
1st:EMI 2nd:Carbon PE 3rd:Copper foil (w/drain wire)
Rated V/A
600V / 30A <PS>E
Release Date
30m spool