MT-UB |電線・ケーブル・オーディオ・専門店 小柳出電気商会(オヤイデ、oyaide)


A Do-It-Yourself kit of MT series power distributor



The MT-UB is a product which is prepared for D.I.Yers who know the enjoyment of self construction.

The body is made of 2.0mm thick brass board which is highly rigid and has excellent vibration damping property. For Its surface treatment, a combination of nickel and chrome plating is applied to control the hardness of the body. Coupled with the shielding effect of brass, nickel plating reduces exogenous noise in wide frequency range.


Brass spikes

For the foot of MT-UB, we specially employed accurately machined brass spikes for the better separation from the floor.

Mounting pole

The mounting poles are set up not only for mounting receptacles but also for minimizing the resonance between receptacles and chassis. Moreover, for the perfect insulation, we put urea resin washers on both sides of mounting flame of receptacles.
These enhance power and energy of sound sources. Simultaneously, there have excellent vibration damping property with the heavy chassis.

Selectable connection part (optional)

There is a hole for attachment of IEC inlet on the side of MT-UB. However, for who wants to attach a power cable directly to the MT-UB, we prepared optional cable clamp and framing plate.


Features MT-UB

Main chassis
2.0mm chrome plated brass
UL standard
IEC 320 AC or optional cable clamp
W 70 × H 50 × L 270
2.0mm chrome plated brass