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The new member of OCB-1 series is dedicated to "Natural Sound"



As a leading product of Oyaide, the original OCB-1 has been successful for over thirty years. The current models are OCB-1 ST, DXs, and EXs which have been received popularity since their debut in 2004.

Finally in 2008, as the new member of OCB-1 series, OCB-1 SX is now produced with an innovative component. Instead of traditional "L/i 50" star-quad power cable, it equipped with our brand-new BLACK MAMBA power cable which has 3.5sq PCOCC-A conductor and is produced for sound recording.
In addition, under the basic concept of neutrality, we employed P-029 Special Edition (buff finished) power plug and original SWO receptacles which is installed in MTS-6 power distribution strip as well.

OCB-1 SX will give a whole new dimension to power distribution unit with its proper balance of sound image and natural sound character.


Internal wiring

20A OFC 2.0mm single wire is applied for the internal wiring connection. We are not wiling to compromise even on 10cm of power transmission.

Diminish losses of the contacts

Compared to a power strip which employs IEC inlet for cable separation, the greatest merit of the OCB-1 power distribution tap is that there is less contact loss due to its integral structure of the cable and the body.

Power cable

OCB-1 SX was produced based on the concept of opening the door to a new generation. So, we decided to change the power cable from traditional "L/I 50" to the brand-new "BLACK MAMBA" power cable.
BLACK MAMBA is the new product of NEO series which is alternative brand of Oyaide established for sound professionals such as sound engineers, musicians and Live Pas. To meet the high requirements of them, we employed materials which have simple and neutral sound characteristics.

The BLACK MAMBA power cable satisfies the requirements of high performance and safety. The PCOCC-A conductor is 20A 3.5sq that actualizes high power transmission. The halogen-free outer sheath was specially developed for audio application. Furthermore, a copper foil shielding layer is installed for perfect noise protection.

Original receptacles and power plugs

OCB-1 SX is created based on the philosophy that is to portray natural and essential sound of materials. It equipped with our original receptacles which was proved its high performance by application of MTS-6 and P-029 special edition for its power plug. Instead of plating process of the blades and contacts, they are buffed by hand piece by piece and polished to a mirror gloss to extract maximum potential of the materials.


The body is made of highly rigid GF30% PBT (PolyButylene Terephthalate) plus carbon compound for EMI and high S/N ratio. Its monocoque structure and four mounting poles of the receptacles attenuate helps to attenuate vibration and decrease distortion. Furthermore the thickness was widened from 2.8mm to 4.0mm for increasing rigidity of the body.

In addition, as the optional parts, we prepared brass spikes and rubber vibration insulator which enable additional tone control.


The mounting poles transmit vibrations from receptacles to the bottom.

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The bottom and feet

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The optional brass spikes for solid and clear sound character.


The urethane feet for mild and soft sound character.



# of outlets
Internal wiring
OFC 2mm single wire
Original receptacle (phosphor bronze without plating)
W 120× L 120 × H 60
Black-mambe (PCOCC-A 3.5sq X 3 conductors)
Cable length
Release Date