MTB-4 |電線・ケーブル・オーディオ・専門店 小柳出電気商会(オヤイデ、oyaide)


Exquisite Quality

Audio Excellence Award 2004



MTB-4 power distributor is so simply assembled and has so few parts that we closely examined the qualities of each component in detail, even carefully determining the appropriate processing temperature of the internal wiring. By applying years of technical experience and know-how about power supply, we were able to create a product of exquisite quality.



The chassis of MTB-4 is made of 2.0mm thick brass board which is highly rigid and has excellent vibration damping property. For Its surface treatment, a combination of nickel and chrome plating is applied to control the hardness of the body. Coupled with the shielding effect of brass, nickel plating reduces exogenous noise in wide frequency range.

4N Pure silver wire for internal wiring

We employed 2.0mm 4N silver wire for its internal wiring connection. Usually, an annealing process is applied for unstiffening the metals. However, Skin-Pass process is applied for 4N silver wire of MTB-4. Skin-Pass process is the rolling process operated to improve the quality of surface treatment.

Under the strict quality-control, heating temperature and time, drawing velocity and Mohs hardness are all specified in the process. Moreover, the separation wiring is applied to even the sound fluctuation of each receptacle by series wiring.
Pb free soldering by SS-47 audio grade solder

Audio grade solder

For the soldering connection of MTB-4, we employed SS-47 audio grade solder.
Compared to general solders which usually contain 3N (99.9%) pure tin, SS-47 contains 4N (99.993%) pure tin achieved by excluding impurities to the maximum. Furthermore, 4.7% silver and 1.7% copper are contained for the purpose of improvement of electric conductivity and durability.

Mounting pole

The mounting poles are made of brass and set up not only for mounting receptacles but also for minimizing the resonance between receptacles and chassis. Moreover, for the perfect insulation, we put urea resin washers on both sides of mounting flame of receptacles. These enhance power and energy of sound sources.

Electromagnetic wave absorber

We installed an electromagnetic wave absorber at IEC inlet part. It reduces magnetic noise and distortion generated around the contact.

Oyaide original receptacles

The receptacles of MTB-4 are black version of the SWO-DX ULTIMO. The SWO ULTIMO series are produced without any thought given to compromise and provides a dynamic and sophisticated sound. The contacts are made of deoxidized phosphor bronze which has excellent springiness and electric property. The plating is a combination of 1.5 μ silver (inner) and 0.3μ rhodium (outer).

Brass spikes

For the feet of MTB-4, we specially employed accurately machined brass spikes for the better separation from the floor. Although it is set to four-point support as default, it can be changed to three-point support according to your preference.


The inlet is designed specially for MT series. The contacts are made of brass. The plating is a combination of silver (1.5μ) and rhodium (0.3μ). The body is made of 30%GF PBT.



# of outlets
Internal wiring
2mm 4N pure silver wires (Live/Neutral)
2sq OFC copper wire (Ground)
SWO-DX Ultimo (4 outlets, black)
AC Inlet
Original IEC 320 plated by Silver + Rhodium
W 70 × H 50 × L 270
2.0mm brass (chrome plated)
Release Date