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Power Inlet R

The KEY of power transmission



Power Inret R is the original IEC 320 power inlet which is widely used for many types of audio equipment. We pursued to produce the best Inlet on the market. Because it is very simply composed by just a housing and blades, the quality is totally depends on material and method of production.

The housing is made by 30% glass filler PBT which has the quality to durability, vibration absorption, and heat resistance. And because of the wider cable attaching portion, it makes soldering work easier compared to regular power inlet.
The blade is trimmed down from a board made by phosphor bronze. And, after hand polished, it is plated by platinum and palladium plating which is the best combination we thought after repeated tests with prototypes.

Power Inret R contributes truly lossless power transmission. You would be so surprised by this small piece of components.



■ 30% Glass filled PBT housing
The resin which composed the housing of Power Inret R is made by 30% Glass filled PBT. Since it is excellent in heat resistance, it makes soldering easier without deformation or damage by heat of soldering iron.

■ Dimension of a mounting hole
Mounting hole : (20x27.5 R4)
Screw : 3mm


■ Precision trimming work
The blade of Power Inret R is produced not by press working but by trimming down from a bronze board made by phosphor bronze which has already proved its quality applied for our power receptacles and power plugs.

PowerInretR_blade540.jpgThe contacts Power Inret R (before plating)

■ The surface
The external part of blade is finished by hand polishing for improvement of conduction. On the other hand, the internal part of blade purposely isn’t polished to leave asperity better adhesion of solder.

■ Platinum + Palladium plating
The plating on the blades of Power Inret R is the combination of platinum and palladium which is applied to our premium models such as R1 wall receptacle and M1/F1 power plug/connector. It has proved its superior quality by many feedbacks and reputations from customers.

■ Wider cable attaching portion for easy soldering operation
The internal part of the blade which works as cable attaching portion is made wider for easy soldering operation. It also makes internal wiring by faston terminals easier and keeps maximum contact area.

PowerInretR_back540.jpgPower Inret R back view

Max diameter for stranded wire : 3.5sq
Max diameter for single wire : φ2.6


SPEC Power Inlet R

Power Inret R
Material of blade
Phosphor bronze
Platinum + Palladium
Faston Terminals
JIS F6.35(connedted to inner side of the blade)
30% Glass filled PBT
125V・15A (CSA)
250V・10A (VDE,SEMKO,KEMA,etc)
Withstand Voltage
AC 2,000V/1min
Heat resistance
94V-0 E45034
Appropriate screw:
3mm x 2
Dimension of a mounting hole
20mm x 27.5mm R4
Applicable standard
IEC320(EN60320)/EN60320/CSA22.2 No.182.3M/JIS
Release Date