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L/i 50 V4

L/i 50 V3 is now reborn as a higher performance power cable, "L/i 50 V4"



In 2002, we released "L/i 50 V3" as the modified model of "L/i 50 OFC Rev.2". This time around, by applying years of technical experience and know-how, we reconsidered all components and decided to release L/i 50 V4 with our original "P/C-029" connectors.

The structure of L/i 50 series is star-quad structure which we have trusted for 20 years.Due to its cancellation effect of opposed wires, it blocks internal and external noise without increasing electric capacitance. For the connector of L/i 50 V4, we employed our original connector: P-029 and C-029.Their natural and colorless character faithfully projects the excellence of the sound sources.

Under the strict quality-control, the all components are made from fine material and enhanced their accuracy domestically. In other words, it is completely MADE IN JAPAN.

L/i 50 V4 provides you the fast transmitting capability, high-resolution and extensive sound stage required to meet today's audio standards.



The conductor of L/i 50 series is made of highly-pure OFC. It is processed by long time annealing process in low temperature for stress removal. Therefore, the internal composition of the conductor is equalized and it actualizes stable electric transmission.


For the insulation material of L/i 50 V4, we employed reinforced silicon rubber which has excellent vibration damping property and mechanical strength. It absorbs vibration generated by instant current addition changing.

Star-quad structure

The star-quad structure is employed for L/i 50 series. Due to the fact that stranded wires counteract to cancel magnetic field each other, the star-quad cable attenuate noise internally compared to regular cable.
Each wire is covered by reinforced fiber sleeve in order to deaden resonance between wires.

Plug / Connector

We employed our original, P/C-029, for the connectors of L/i 50 V4.
The contact of P/C-029 is made of brass which provides natural and wide range sound image. The body is made of highly rigid 30% glass filled PBT that actualizes high-speed vibration attenuation.


L/i 50 V4

Class 1 OFC
Star-quad structure
Wire diameter
Rated V/A
125V / 15A
Release Date