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QAC-202 3.5MLS

3.5mm stereo mini interconnects for portable audio players by LCOFC conductors.



The new-generation of digital audio players which can interact with PC/Mac and stock numerous music libraries have become the new-standard for the music playback. Answering many customers’ request, we at Oyaide Electric have started developing mini stereo type signal cable in order to pursue higher quality of sound under the new-environment. “QAC-202 3.5MLS” will extract the unlimited potential of portable audio player and describe details of your favorite music.


LC-OFC Conductor

LC-OFC Quantum is a material produced by linearly crystallizing Class 1 OFC. By removing crystal grain boundary composed of mainly hydrogen gas, it achieved high-degree of purity (99.995%) and low oxygen content (less than 10ppm). It is originally developed by HITACHI cable and it used to be applied to QAX-112 interconnect which had been kept sold more than decade. Although it has been discontinued because of closure of Hitachi cable from pure audio line, we at Oyaide offered to reproduce legendary LC-OFC Quantum by answering many customers' requests in 2008.


The triple-layered inverted concentric structure is employed for maximum density, for uniformity of wire structure and for infilling of internal space and for preventing deformation among the wires.


In order to transmit signal without any loss and maintain good sound quality, it is necessary for considering selection of insulation material. For QAC-202 3.5MLS, the low-dielectric PE was employed for its electrical property that keeps cable capacitance low and provides excellent high-frequency characteristic.

High density shielding

AS well as the conductor, LC-OFC Quantum is applied for the shielding material in order to protect sensitive audio signal. The high density (over 90% coverage) braided shielding protects its conductor from the external noise.

Inner & Outer sheath

We employed LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene) for the inner sheath which covers insulator. The outer sheath is made of RoHS compliant Pb free PVC. The "Forest Green" color expresses the deep and emotional sound character of LC-OFC Quantum.

The original 3.5mm stereo mini plug (P-3.5 6TL/ P-3.5 6TS )

For the terminals of QAC-202 3.5MLS, we employed our original hi-quality stereo mini plugs, P-3.5 6TL and P-3.5 6TS. The signal flows from angled type to straight type. The body is made of RoHS compliant brass. And each component is plated by 24K gold. The outer cover is cut by accurate NC machining and plated by chrome. Since the install cable O.D. of these plugs is 6mm which is exactly same as QAC-202 cable, it wouldn't be unstable at a contact.


QAC-202 3.5MLS

Conductor /Shield
LC-OFC Quantum(Class 1 LC-OFC)・(128/0.12)
Wire diameter
0.4Sq (40/0.12)
2P shielding
insulater/Inner sheath
Pb free PVC
Conductor resistance
insulated resistance
P-3.5 6TL/ P-3.5 6TS
Release Date