INS-SP |電線・ケーブル・オーディオ・専門店 小柳出電気商会(オヤイデ、oyaide)


The highly rigid stainless spike base insulator which can be used with INS-BS.



The superiority of the spike is actually enhancing response, S/N ratio and resolution due to the controlling vibration propagation at a point.

Generally, for the spikes, spike bases are used together in order not to damage the floor. And it is well known that the characteristic of a spike base influences the total sound quality. The two things must be required for a spike base; one is high accuracy and another is rigidity of the material which can bear for one point weighting.

If the accuracy is low, due to the gap between spikes and a device, the one point contact doesn’t function fully. And also, for the low-rigid spike base, the device would be not stable by cutting contact point.

We selected the best material for our original spikes, INS-SP, as a result of examination and repeated listening tests.


The accurate cutting of SUS303 stainless steel by NC machining.

The SUS 303 stainless steel is a highly rigid material which has various better characteristic compared to other metals. This material for INS-SP is cut by highly accurate NC machining and it makes perfect contact to the spikes.


  • The hairline semigross finish of surface
  • The accurately cut concave
  • The reversible function as a small insulator
  • The combination use with INS-BS insulator base.
  • We tuned HS-TF differently from the former our HS-CF. HS-TF has a punchy and powerful sound charactor which is better for Jazz & popular music.



Stainless Steel(SUS303)
φ20、H 6.0、2.0mm deep for a spike、Angle : 130 degree
Withstand load
4 in a bo
Release Date