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For SHURE SRH440/750DJ/840/940
Premium Headphone cable




SHURE SRH series (SRH440/ SRH740DJ/ SRH840/ SRH940) produced for studio recording, sound production, and DJ application has been renowned as the new standard headphone and gained acceptance by not only sound engineers and musicians but also audio listeners due to its excellent performance.

All of these models are cable detachable and applied same type of unique locking structure called bayonet clip. Due to this fact, there has been many requests from customers who are looking for and want to change the cables for better sound quality and usability to fit their various sound preference and using situations.

However, because of this bayonet clip structure, it has been difficult to release upgrade cables for third-parties which need to very accurately design and also need to make the connection part very durable for repeated insert/eject activities. As a result of doing many cut-and-try, we have achieved to solve some problems and released as HPC-35SRH/HPC-62SRH in Fall 2012.

HPC_SRH_withSRH840_540.jpgw/ SHURE SRH840


The bayonet clip structure made of PBT


The bayonet clip structure of SHURE SRH series was produced by almost a micron of accuracy and repeated adjustments in order to obtain smooth and strong holding property. The hardness optimized material, PBT, holds headphones properly and don't abrade away the locking part of headphone itself. The outer cover made by chrome-plated brass has knurling which makes grip easier and enhances beauty of the HPC-35SRH/HPC-62SRH.

PCOCC-A high quality HPC-22W cable

For the cable of HPC-35HD598/62HD598, we applied Oyaide original HPC-22W which became a standard of headphone cable. By its high-quality PCOCC-A conductor, electrically superior PFA insulator, flexible and rigid TPE outer sheath, it has great sound quality and usability.

2types of length, 2 types of Audio plugs

In order to respond to various using situations, we prepared 2 different length (1.3m/2.5m) and 2 different kind of plugs (3.5mm stereo mini and 1/4 TRS phone). For both plugs, we applied silver + rhodium combination plating which has been proved its superiority by application for other HPC-series.

Audio grade solder, SS-47

We use our original audio grade solder, SS-47 for the connection of plugs and cables of HPC-UE. Compared to general solders which usually contain 3N (99.9%) pure tin, SS-47 contains 4N (99.993%) pure tin achieved by excluding impurities to the maximum. Furthermore, 4.7% silver and 1.7% copper are contained for the purpose of improvement of electric conductivity and durability.


Features HPC-35SRH / 62SRH

HPC-22W (PCOCC-A condoctors for signal line and shielding, PFA insulator、PCOCC-A spiral shidling structure、TPE sheath)
Headphone plug
bayonet clip structure, PBT molding, brass cover plated by chrome, 2.5φ3P gold plated finish.
HPC-35SRH Audio plug
3.5mm mini plug:P-3.5SR
Brass plated by silver (1.5μ) + rhodium (0.3μ)
HPC-62SRH Audio plug
1/4 TRS phone plug:P-240T-SR
Brass plated by silver (1.5μ) + rhodium (0.3μ)
Compatible models
SRH440/ SRH750DJ/ SRH840/ SRH940
Release date