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The original turntable sheet of the new analog generation.



The original turntable sheet, “MJ-12”, is designed to trace the groove on the vinyl absolutely. The surface of MJ-12 is recurved 1.0 degree which makes the record surface closely fit to MJ-12 by using a stabilizer (more than 300g is recommended). This corrects the warpage of an analog record and makes the stylus
moving stable.
Furthermore, on the highly rigid aluminum disk coated by hard-alumite treatment, there are tuning holes which are arranged in spiral pattern for effective vibration attenuation.
MJ-12 gives the whole new expression power to your turntable and you can hear the new sound pieces in your favorite analog records.



  • The body is made by A5052 Aluminum which has excellent acoustic property and dimension accuracy.
  • By special alumite treatment, the tiny vibrations on the surface are attenuated and it maintains longtime durability and beauty.
  • The tapered structure angled 1.0° from center circle to the edge for correction of warping.( *1)
  • Tuning holes are arranged in spiral pattern for effective vibration attenuation.
  • With our original vinyl stabilizer「 STB-MS」 or「 STB-HW」, it achieves further sound improvement.

*1 A record stabilizer more than 300g is recommended to fit tightly to the angled surface of MJ-12.
*2 To extract highest performance of MJ-12, please set it after taking off a turntable sheet that comes with your turntable.
*3 Please use with a turntable which torque is endurable for the weight of MJ-12.

MJ-12 operating precautions

  • With a record player (turntable) which has suspention structure such as Linn LP-12, a platter possiblly sinks because of the weight of MJ-12.
  • Please use MJ-12 with a vinyl stabilizer which is more than 300g to fite the vinyl to the tapared surface of MJ-12. We strongly recommend STB-MS vinyl stabilizer for best matching.
  • To maximize the property of MJ-12, we recommend to get rid of the original turntable sheet of your player and to adjust the height of the tone arm as appropriate.
  • Generally, if the original turntable sheet is removed and you use MJ-12 and STB-MS together with the normal LP, the height from the surface of platter is about 40mm. Therefore, no warranty is given for all players with turntable covers.
  • Although the pore diameter is φ7.23, no warranty is given for all record players.



A5052 aluminum cut by NC machining / alumite treatment
outer diameter 294mm, thickest part : 5mm
1 sheet
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