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The ultimate antenna cable with silver purity by FPS-9 and FTVS-510.



In order to maximize the potential of material, we believe that it is necessary to have the highest level of technology and method on the basis of the experience and the data.

We conceived of the idea of making a cable using pure silver which has the highest electrical conductivity of all metals.
The FTVS-408, a coaxial cable, was designed to be mainly used for digital signal transmission. Although it was produced as a limited production model, it became a regular product in our lineup due to strong to customer demand.

Doing further validation of FTVS-408, we devoted much energy to providing the finest 5N silver and researching the perfect insulator and shield for the silver conductor. It was designed to be used for antenna, sound and digital signal transmission.



Pure silver is the best material for high-speed transmission due to its excellent electrical conductivity which is far superior to high-purity copper. However, the price of silver continues to rise ever higher making it one of the rare metals.

For the core of FTVS-510, 5N jewelry grade pure silver, which is far better than industrial grade, is used. After being melted in a ceramic crucible, it is molded into 15mm diameter round bars. It is further reduced in diameter by means of 19 repetitions of the cold rolling process.


Although the conductor is the most important factor in signal transmission, the insulator is also significant in enhancing the transmitting capabilities of the cable.
For the purpose of lessening signal loss, we employed PFA which provides excellent electrical isolation and low electric permittivity.
For the first insulation layer, we selected PE (Polyethylene) which keeps permittivity to a minimum and enhances the flexibility of the cable. This layering of these different materials not only enhances the conductor's electric capabilities but also attenuates internal vibration by altering the resonance point.


The ultra silent background of the FTVS-510 is provided by a triple-layered shielding structure.
The first semiconductor layer attenuates static noise and electric micro waves. The second copper foil shielding protects against high-frequency noise. The third, silver plated mesh shielding, protects against low-frequency noise. It also protects against high-frequency noise by means of the skin effect on the silver plating.

Semiconductor Layer

Although PFA has a great electric characteristic, we needed to adopt a method for static electricity removal due to the fact that PFA charges easily.
When signal flows in a cable, it generates ultra weak vibration by which cause the discharge of an electric corona.
In order to solve this problem, we installed Carbon PE as a semiconductor layer. By surrounding just the outside of the first insulation layer, its semiconductor layer helps to discharge static buildup from the PFA layer in an orderly fashion.

The exterior

The clear urethane sheathing has the excellent mechanical strength and always maintains a stable level of hardness without being affected by temperature change. Moreover, due to its high shock absorption and degree of elasticity, polyurethane provides powerful isolation from vibrations.

■ FPS-9



“FPS-9” antenna cable is created by advanced craftsmanship. The contact pins are accurately machined from 5N pure silver round bar by highly-programmed CNC machining. And these pins are molded into PTEE which has excellent low-dielectric permittivity for rigidity and seismic adequacy. The locknut and ring are made of brass and also machined by CNC machining for perfect fitting and stable transmission. In addition, likewise, outer shell and body are also trimmed down from brass round bar by CNC machining.

All components are plated by rhodium. And, the surface of the body is coated by pearl-white color. Furthermore, for easy-installation, the connecting part of ground is cramping system which enables to assemble by minimal soldering time and amount.


Features DV-510F

FTVS-510 (5N pure silver, 75Ωcoaxal)
FPS-9(5N pure silver, Ftype)Max install cable O.D. 9.0mm
DV-510F 1.0m
DV-510F 2.0m
DV-510F 3.0m
DV-510F 5.0m )
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